Elections in Chitral: Close quadrangular competition on the cards

Published on: 23/07/2018 | Comments: 1 comment 

Chitral: As dust settles on the electioneering campaigns culminating in rallies and public meetings, the polling day a mere 48 hours away, is to witness a gruelling competition between the candidates of four major political parties namely the PTI, PMLN, PPP and the MMA. Who will win the competition is any body’s guess but one thing is for sure that all the four parties will bag good amount of votes to be in a neck to neck picture at the winning post.
What is to be seen is whether partner candidates from the same party for both the National and Provincial assembly will get equal (or nearly equal votes) or will we see partner candidates ditching each other on the votes scale.
As politics has become synonymous with cheating for the man in the street and in Chitrali language when someone tries to trick someone else, the later detestfully says “you are trying to play politics with me”.
What every Chitrali can hope and pray that the best person having the most selfless and sincere desire to serve the people wins. .. CN report, 23 Jul 2018

JS Bank Chitral branch starts operations

Published on: 17/11/2016 | Comments: No comments 

Chitral — Chitral has another state of the art private bank the JS BANK, in it’s inventory of banks. Chitral Branch of the JS Bank started operations on Wednesday 16 Nov 2016. Located at the Ataliq Chowk, the bank is compact yet fully equipped with latest technology to cater for all kind of banking requirements. The Regional Manager JS Bank Khawar Kiani?performed the opening ritual in a simple but solemn ceremony. Bankers and prominent businessmen including President Trade Union were also present on the occasion. Owner of the premise Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah said Chitral deserves much better facilities than we are used to. He said it is not the will of God that we live in deprivation, it is our own doing. We must reach out and embrace?the bounties God has gifted us. He said healthy competition is the path to progress and addition of JS bank will improve the banking services through competitive performance. Sweets were distributed amongst the shops and markets located in the whole area.?— CN report, 16 Nov 2016.