Sure shot solution for fallen moral standards of Pakistani Muslims

CHITRAL: It is no secret that the moral standards of Muslims world over (save noble exceptions) have fallen to the lowest ebb, as say the ground realities today. Tales of moral degradation at the venues of even Khana e Kaaba and Masjid e Nabwi can be heard from people visiting there for Haj and Umra.

In Pakistan the situation of moral decadence is ever so glaring. There is no sphere of life whether be social conduct, business affairs, job matters, legal matters, or other daily life chores where blatant and overwhelming examples of dishonesty cannot be found. What is the underlying reason behind this? The lack of accountability might be one, but the core reason behind this decadence is the concept promulgated amongst the people by clerics that ‘sins of all kinds can be forgiven by prayers, duas, specific rituals, umras and haj’.

As long as this narrative is alive and being promoted by clerics, muslims will never try to abstain from sins against society (huqooq ul Ibaad) and will not try to improve their attitude towards the world and humanity.

The fact of the matter is that Allah Almighty has clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran that sins against society and humanity (Huqooq Ul Ibaad) shall not be pardoned by Him in lieu of any ritual or prayer. All other narratives which are in contradiction to this Quranic injunction are trash and have been cooked up later to weaken the moral fiber of Muslims in a canny and cunning way.

The Government of Pakistan can play it’s part in repairing the damage. It can instruct the clerics in mosques (at least those who are paid by the government) to repeatedly mention this Quranic injunction at the begining and end of each prayer and talk about it at length in every Juma prayer. If this practice is carried out religiously in every mosque of Pakistan, the country will transform from a ‘gunah e huqooqul ibadistan’ to a ‘paakistan’ within two years. .. CN report, 24 July 2022

4 thoughts on “Sure shot solution for fallen moral standards of Pakistani Muslims

  1. Yes! PTI government in KP should have done this. It is in power in KP since last nine years and Chairman Imran Khan gives example of Riasat e Madina. In Riasat e Madina there was no amnesty for criminals or corrupt and no let off through prayers or rituals. A thief’s hand was to be amputated. Unfortunately both the government and the mullas have made committing sins against society very light and easy. Therefore the people are encouraged to commit such sins instead of abstaining from them.

  2. Why everything has to be done by the Government? Are their not many Muslims around? Are there people who care to warn fellow citizens that they shall reap what they will sow all their life. People shall reap it in life after the present life. Life after the present shall never end.
    People who care to keep their Aaakhirah account in credit shall reap the reward. They shall be rewarded for caring for the fellow humankind by treating them with care and kindness exactly as they would like themselves to be to be treated by others.

    1. @gs sahib, Your philosophy fails here because clerics show easy path to the people to redeem sins instead of telling them to avoid sins and sow good, reap good. The government can force the clerics to show the correct path to the people, as clerics have the maximum influence in formulating any muslim’s character, because we by default have to listen to them five times a day.

  3. The real challenge that Pakistani Muslim or any other Muslim face is the econ interest or money making business that has dominated public discourse to the point that moral investigation and thinking have become a secondary issue and there the instruction of cleric, sermon of a peer and Farman of a imam has zero value as they themselves need and ask for money and no one know about the source of the money wether it’s halal or other ways.

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