Suicide girl rescued from the river

Chitral .. A young school girl from Denin village of Chitral town jumped into the river from the cable box in which she was traversing the river. Passerby help rescued her from drowning in the water. Her father talking to news reporters said she had mental problem and earlier too had attempted to end her life.
As this is a good opportunity to study a live case where the subject can be interviewed and talked to, it is therefore imperative that a board of psychologists and psychiatrists take up this as a study case to determine the alarming rate of female suicide incidents in Chitral. .. Muhkamuddin, 18 Oct 2017

One thought on “Suicide girl rescued from the river

  1. The increasing trend of suicide among young girls in Chitral has assumed alarming proportion. there is a dire need to investigate the causes of suicide. In Islam suicide is strictly prohibited. The religious leaders are requested to throw light on this serious issue in the Friday sermons. It would be a great preaching for a noble cause if they do their best to prevent the Muslims from this gruesome act.

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