Substandard chips, snacks tell heavily on health of Chitralis

Chitral — Chitral bazaars which have become dumping grounds for fake and substandard merchandise ranging from grocery items, food items, medicines and cosmetics etc are now littered with non food grade chips and snacks ‘manufactured’ and packed mostly in Batkhela or the back streets of Peshawar city. Substandard chips, toffees, sweets and snacks target school going children in particular with the result that the young generation is not sound and healthy in general. Recently a grown up patient from Arandu died in the local hospital and the last thing he had eaten leading to his death was a heavy amount of such chips.

Whereas the local Administration may not be able to control the flooding of spurious merchandise in Chitral bazars, the clergy can play an effective role in this matter by educating the people and scaring them about the sin of selling fake foodstuff and medicines at least, if not all merchandise. The district administration and elected local representatives should formally call upon the prayer leaders and members of Tablighi jamaat in mosques, to aggressively campaign against this evil before the health of our young generation is irreversibly damaged further, by consuming unhealthy and artificial foodstuff all the time — CN report, 19 Aug 2016

One thought on “Substandard chips, snacks tell heavily on health of Chitralis

  1. Adulterated and artificial foodstuff, contaminated water along with unhealthy lifestyle is destroying our young generation. Attention must be paid towards this problem.

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