Subsidize electricity to save forests of Chitral, Sartaj

Chitral : President Chitral Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CCDN Sartaj Ahmad Khan, while welcoming the visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to Chitral, has demanded that Electricity from Golen Gol should be provided at subsidized flat rates if we want to save the forests of Chitral, thus Pakistan.

He said the movement launched by them namely, ‘Save Chitral Save Pakistan’ is very important, as rivers of Pakistan emanate from the glaciers of Chitral which are fast melting due to environmental degradation. Providing subsidized electricity at flat rates will work wonders in preserving forests, not to talk of improving lives of the people, he said. Also present at the press conference were members Chamber of Commerce and industry Muhammad Wazir Khan, Manzoor Ahmad, Zulfi Hunar Shah, Maj (r) Ahmad Saeed, Abdul Ghaffar and others .. BH Azad, 03 Feb 18

One thought on “Subsidize electricity to save forests of Chitral, Sartaj

  1. It is a very genuine demand that electricity must be provided at subsidized rates from the Golen Power house like in other areas where power houses are located. In Chitral more so, to save the fast eroding soil due to deforestation for firewood purposes.
    However I have reservation about the flat rate option. If so allowed, people will take upon themselves to misuse the flat rate option just for the heck of it. Therefore, where subsidy is what Chitral deserves and is need of the environment, I would suggest the metering system remains, so that people pay according to their usage.

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