Stray dogs need kindness, not poison

CHITRAL: When stray dogs roaming the bazars and village roads outgrow a certain number and considered as become a nuisance for the human beings around, demand for their extermination rises and the municipal authorities either poison them to death or kill them by shooting them at point blank. The case of stray dogs can be dealt with in a more humane manner than poisoning them. This scribe has even seen a poisoned bitch in her dying moments due to poisoning while her pups trying to suckle her for milk.

If all alive stray dogs are neutered with injections so they do not reproduce but at the same time live their natural lives till end, it would be a much better way to control the population of these stray canines, instead of culling them mercilessly.

A former Airforce pilot has opened a shelter for stray dogs in Islamabad, which speaks of the better side of human beings. If one person can be kind, why can’t others be too . .. CN report,  02 Apr 2021

3 thoughts on “Stray dogs need kindness, not poison

  1. Very positive and encouraging to hear this fine gentleman doing something long over due in our society and culture. Sadly in our society the dogs be it a pet, stray or even injured are not treated well. Seldom owners don’t do justice either. No concept of their vaccinations or proper diet. They are normally fed left overs. As society they are looked down due poor interpretation by mullahs. Where as dogs 🐕 always do their best for their owners irrespective.

  2. A very impressive activities were also seen in Karachi where Awaz-e-Bezuban operates as a non-profit organization works for stray dogs wellness and other animal welfare.

  3. Dear sir, thank you so very much for raising the issue of mercilessly culling stray dogs. I have also witnessed a situation in which a dog was dying because of poison and puppies were sucking for milk. It is the extreme of cruel practice. The only alternative option is neutering the stray dogs through injection. Salute to the former airforce pilot, who has opened a shelter for stray dogs in Islamabad. Certainly, it showcases the better side of human beings. This best practice needs to be replicated. Thanks.

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