Stray dogs have a field day in Chitral bazars

Stray dogs sunbathing in Chitral bazar

Chitral — Despite having at least two agencies responsible for extermination of stray dogs, Chitral bazars are full of them and most of them are visibly healthy due to the left over food and meat being thrown at?them by hoteliers and butchers. It is strange that no agency cares to carry out it’s duties until being pointed out in the press or more still after a protest rally is held for it.
In the past?also operation against stray dogs have been carried out only after protests from the public.?Even during such operation, the poison given to the dogs being adulterated have been leaving dogs half dead and groaning with pain but not fully dead.
This time when operation against these animals commences it must be ensured that they be put to rest in a kind but effective manner. Pure poison must be used instead of adulterated stuff and a proper responsible team should be detailed to not only poison the dogs but not leave them unattended till they pass away, and then dispose off the carcasses promptly. Any one step missing or misdone would mean a failure of the operation and worsening of the environment. — CN report, 20 Nov 2016.

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