Stray dogs in Chitral streets multiplying fast

Chitral — The abundance of stray dogs roaming freely in Chitral bazar is a cause of great concern and inconvenience to passer byes. Cases of the dogs biting people have been reportedd and recently one person died of such dog bite. There is no proper system for elimination of stray dogs and stop their population from increasing. One method could be sterilizing the animal through medicine in their food. Eliminating the dogs by poisoning them has been a faulty and cruel process in Chitral. Adulterated poison does not kill the dog instantly, rather leaves it to suffer for a long time and some even recover from the effect of the adulterated poison. A proper and humane way of eliminating unwanted dogs should be deviced and concerned authorities should move immediately to eliminate this menace. — GH Farooqi, 20 Sep 2016.

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