Stop this cruel sport!

.. by Islamuddin

International as well as national laws have criminalized cruelty to animals. Even wild life has been protected through national parks and conservancies. Poachers are heavily penalized. This is because all creatures are linked together in life and food chains. Fault line in one part of the chain has cascading or multiplying effect for the entire chain and puts life on the planet in grave danger. In Chitral this chain has broken down. As a result we have to use dangerous pesticides and insecticides to save our crops from pest attacks which in the past used to be done by birds and other forms of wild life that we have hunted down putting natural balance in grave danger.Livestock is an important activity in our rural areas and provides important means of livelihood to our rural population. Veterinary services have been put in place to keep domestic animals healthy. Unfortunately now we are putting the health and life of our domestic animals in danger by indulging in cock and dog fights where betting also takes place. The very sight of cocks and dogs with dripping bloods is heart rending. It is appalling that educated boys are involved in this bloody sport which attracts the entire rural populace. It is therefore not surprising that our youth has been brutalized to the detriment of a humane society.

The constitution of Pakistan has criminalized betting. Prevention of gambling is an important part of the Islamic dispensation. Our legal system also provides protection to animals by criminalizing cruelty to animals. In Garam Chashma valley cock and dog fight competitions have assumed alarming proportion. Particular breed of dogs and cock are in high demand. A cock named seera sells for ten thousand rupees a piece. Students that should have been in school or doing home work are seen roaming around with fighting dogs and cocks throwing challenges for a fight. These unhealthy activities are taking place in front of the very eyes of law enforces and village notables but no one is bothered. It is high time that official concerned in the departments of livestock, wild life, district and police took notice of the situation and put a stop to it by enforcing the existing laws.

Another matter deserving their attention is the increasing number of stray dogs posing threat to public life. Anti rabies drug is already in short supply and expensive. The only option available is to get rid of stray dogs through sterilization if possible. These dogs have formed groups and attack livestock, at times during night, and deprive the unwary public of their important source of livelihood. .. Islamuddin, Garm Chashma Chitral, 12 June 2024 

3 thoughts on “Stop this cruel sport!

  1. Very well pointed out. As a matter of fact enjoying dogfighting, cockfighting etc is a manifestation of the deep sadistic trait that is ingrained in such sick personalities, animal torture being the only way they can vent out this sadism. We must also realize that the young generation is extremely frustrated with the injustices going on around them in different ways and manners so naturally they become revengeful and derive the resulting sadistic trait satisfaction in these so called sports. Any person who enjoys the suffering of another human or animal does not deserve to be called a human being let alone ‘ashraful makhlooqaat’.
    It is sad to see this happening in Garm Chashma, supposed to be a disciplined people. This point should be brought up through Masjid and Jamat khanas aggressively to stop this cruelty, otherwise Allah Almighty will not be kind to us that we are not kind to His creation.

  2. The Agha khan foundation should be approached to provide vetinary services capable of neutering and spaying of stray dogs , our government vetinary hospitals are not equipped to provide this service which is the humane method of controlling the population of strays.

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