Stop hunting for pleasure, it is primitive and cruel

A migrating duck mercilessly ‘flattened’ in Chitral

CHITRAL: Early humans would hunt to survive. It was a time when either you kill some thing for food or you yourself get killed for the other’s food. Hunting then was understandable. As time passed and human civilization developed and food became available without having to kill animals, let alone migrating birds and animals who seek shelter in your premises.

Now in this age of sense and sensibility where food “rizq’ is available in abundance for human beings it is un-understandable that human beings kill helpless ducks pigeons, chakors, rabbits and even sparrows for their meat is abhorable to say the least. There are societies who become vegetarians and vegans sacrificing so much of their natural carnal desires, just for the pity on animals, and here we consider it fun and frolic mercilessly killing Allah’s helpless creation.

It is time to rethink about our purpose of life which is certainly not killing ducks and doves and pigeons and ibexes and markhors and all the wildlife who do not depend on us for their food and their lives. .. CN report, 21 Feb 2023

2 thoughts on “Stop hunting for pleasure, it is primitive and cruel

  1. Yes, it is absolutely one hundred percent cruel and primitive way of living. Please love birds, at least the young generation, birds have wings for a reason, you won’t deny their right to fly.

  2. If getting meat is the purpose, Singapore has introduced cultured meat more delicious and more nutritious, on a commercial scale.. If sadistic pleasure is the purpose, there is no cure for it.

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