Status of women in Islam

The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was born in the lap of a woman. He was delicately wrapped up and nursed by a woman. The first person to see his beautiful and illuminated smile was a woman. When his mother passed away in Abwa, he tearfully came back to Makkah with a woman. When he returned from Hira, the first person who covered him was a woman and the first person he spoke to was a woman. A woman was the first to believe in him. A woman was the first to pray with him. A woman was the first to die for him. When he delivered khutba, a woman was the first to build a minbar for him. When he left this world, he left resting his head on a woman. His lineage continued through a woman; and from his final words were, “I give you counsel that you be good to your women.” So it amazes me how some of us still don’t know the rank of our women. .. courtesy Facebook

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