State bows before clerics; allows collective prayers in Ramadan

CHITRAL: After a meeting with religious scholars which he called ‘Ijmaa’, the president of Pakistan announced in an upbeat tone that various issues regarding offering of prayers during Ramadan have been agreed upon. Spelling out the tit bits like washing hands and doing ablution at home and not shaking hands etc, which even a child knows by now, the crux of the decision announced was that the govt had succumbed to the desire and dictation of the clerics per se.

It is unfortunate that there is no body in the govt to boldly tell the clerics the difference between offering prayers and congregating at the mosque. Whereas offering prayers is obligatory for a muslim, gathering at the mosque is not. The stress of the clerics is always more on coming to the mosques in any case instead of saying prayers with Allah’s gifted concessions in different situations like the present one.

The state of Pakistan has time and again proved itself humble in front of the religious conglomeration which may be at each other’s throats most of the time, but when their grip over the masses is challenged they become one, and formidable. .. CN report, 18 Apr 2020

3 thoughts on “State bows before clerics; allows collective prayers in Ramadan

  1. According to the decision, persons over age 50 shall not attend the mosque. 70 percent of namazis in mosques are above 50 years.
    ? la “waqt e peeri gurg e zalim mee shawad parhezgaar”. Who will dare stop them? Why does the govt announce something which it cannot implement? The president looked quite immature while announcing childish decisions and showing drawings of columns and rows in mosques which obviously will not be followed and this is of course not the job of the head of state, and that too the head of a nuclear state. Indeed a very weak government compromising on everything to stay in power.

  2. What rubbish…we bow before Allah…state has formalized policy for prayers with consultation of clergy and rightfully so…..why is it giving death to you…article seems like someone totally irrelevant with Pakistani nations emotions, govt policies and precautions for safety and ground reality…if people can do shopping observing social distancing (of which you certainly had no objection) why cant they offer prayers, if they desires so…its not any clergy its people of Pakistan who demanded govt to lift restriction over prayers…bcz this unacceptable to us Pakistanis…security and protection measures/SoP must obviously be followed in any activity….biased and baseless article..

  3. The clergy has always gotten their way with Pakistani government! Sick of it now, the sane ones are against them. We already have 4 cases of corona reported in chitral in the last 24 hours, they want to increase the numbers. Allah has given humans brains to use, these people are hell bent on not using it.

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