Spurious snacks seriously damaging children’s health

CHITRAL: Trucks loaded with unhealthy snacks mostly chips and slanties made of spurious ingredients instead of genuine potato enter Chitral district every day. Shopkeepers eagerly wait for this merchandise as they are in high demand and children all over the districts specially those of upper districts are addicted to these tasty but unhealthy snacks. The health of Chitrali kids who are God gifted with natural beauty due to their genes, are virtually defiled by eating these fake stuff. Any one can see children with retarded growth, weak bones and pale faces, due to consuming unhealthy snacks regularly.

Although it is responsibility of the provincial and central governments to check the production of such unhealthy spurious stuff, but, that they have failed to do so, the district administration can do it’s bit by checking and not allowing such stuff to enter Chitral. Chitral, unlike other districts is very easy to control in this matter as the trucks can be checked and turned back at the tunnel and the various other check posts on the way. .. CN report, 24 Feb 2020

One thought on “Spurious snacks seriously damaging children’s health

  1. Dear editor..thanks for constantly highlighting this public health issue from time to time…there is no body who should come forward to check all these substandard food items…the venders finally find thier way to Chitral as there is no one to ask and check the license for food delivery and its standard..No body knows what they sell to poor public..I think the local administration and public health department and civil society can play thier role to save lives.

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