Special task force needed to keep the Lowari tunnel road clear

CHITRAL:? Each year at this time there is a fiasco in the vicinity of the Lowari tunnel due to snow fall and inadequate traffic management. Though the problem gets over in a few days only to recur at the next snowfall. However no attention is paid to solve the problem. No preemptive measures are taken by those supposed to be responsible for maintaining flow of traffic during the winter season.

A task force for the purpose needs to be set up whose only job should be to ensure the continuous flow and management of traffic in this area during the period 01 Dec to 30 March. The task force should be equipped with necessary snow clearing and towing equipment to remove stranded or accidented vehicles from the way. This should be made a standard operating procedure instead of people raising hue and cry every winters and then forgetting all in a few days. .. CN report, 04 Jan 2020

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