Sorry state of Pakistan

CHITRAL: Ever since inception of Pakistan, rulers of the country have not done their duty properly, rather have been unfair with this entity. Today we have reached a stage which can be well understood reading the incident experienced recently first hand by this scribe:

A few days back went to see a movie in an Islamabad theater. Before start of a movie national anthem is played and audience is asked to stand up in respect. When the anthem began playing half the audience kept sitting, many reclining cross legged, munching on their popcorns. To be frank, even myself had to make an effort to stand up in respect. It was a sorrow feeling. Remember the early days when audience would not only jump up from their seats but even join their voice with the anthem.

The popular meme in Urdu floating around these days saying “hamarey liey qomi tarana, apney liey qomi khazana” has sad truth in it. Pakistan has been unfortunate not to have rulers with any vision or foresight and all who came into power only focused on their material greed, sticking to power with short term vote bank increasing measures, instead of long term policies for this poor country.

If at the time of independence certain policies would have been adopted, Pakistan could have been an economic tiger and an example of inspiration for others, like Singapore is now. Certain measures taken right at he time of independence could have been game changers. Some being:

If population was effectively controlled, Pakistan would not been having most of the problems now being faced.

If religious moderation would have been encouraged and extremism strictly stomped, Pakistan could have become a UAE by now. If UAE with all it’s oil had rulers like ours, it would have been in a condition similar to ours

If Arabic would have been declared a national language instead of Urdu, Eastern wing would not have separated and Arabic illiterate Pakistanis would not have been at the mercy of mullas for translation and interpretation of prayers and Quran, leading to many ills including extremism.

If the first Military takeover would have been resisted by civilian rulers and people, further military intervention would have been halted for good.

Clerics have unknowingly done great harm to the society by professing that all sins can be pardoned by certain prayers/rituals etc. Result is, everyone commits sins against the society with impunity in the belief that their sins would be pardoned by prayers/fasting/umra/haj/tableegh etc. If this mindset had been corrected right from the begining and clerics guided on the correct path, Pakistan would have been a country with minimum social crime/ corruption etc.

If our hydel resources had been harnessed right from the begining Pakistan would have emulated China which has progressed most by using it hydel resources.

If a separate, powerful, effective and ruthless accountability institution been established right at the beginning with offices up to the district level, corruption would not have flourished thus far.

If special attention had been paid to the judiciary right from the begining, a fair and stable society would have emerged and  progress would have been it’s collateral result.

Though 75 years have passed and cannot be brought back, but we can learn lessons from our past failures and make amends, so that the next 75 years are better for our coming generations. .. CN report, 14 Aug 2022

One thought on “Sorry state of Pakistan

  1. The sad state of this land which we falsely call Pakistan is because we the people of this land love to sleep. When people sleep then thieves and robbers are active naturally. 75 years? Even when 750 years will go by yet it is we the people who shall remain slaves of the slave takers. Why? Because we all love them. 75 years have gone and we still love to sleep. We love to expect everyting to be done by those who have proven to be thieves and robbers time and again? What a fallacy?
    Do we as a nation i.e. each and everyone of us has any responsibility to come out to build a Pakistan? Do we or do we not?
    The responsibility is that of each and every one. If each and everyone of us will get involved we shall all enable ourselves to be able to bring the welcome change. The welcome change we very stupidly expect thieves and robbers to deliver to us. Why such an stupidity ? We love to sleep. True? So sleeping peole are losers.
    Want to wake up? Everyone who is in trouble is in trouble, only because they reject the way shown by the Almighty for people to avoid those troubles. The Almighty called each and everyone of us to become responsible citizens to come out of our homes to join hands with each other to work with each other. Work together to change our pitiful conditions through our own good deeds. How many of us obey the Almighty? How many? No one. No one. If we all obeyed the Almighty, we all shall respond to His call to create a Peoples’ Union to respond to His words ” Wah tusaymoo bay hublillahay Jumeeyah” ? If we were Muslims we should have organised ourselves thus much much before we even got this bit of land to create Pakistan.
    Absence of Peoples’ Jumeeyah means Muslims are absent. Are Muslims not expected to obey the Almighty? If we lot are not Muslims what do we expect from the Almighty? No one becomes anything but just claimimng.
    Charity begins at home. Islamic State became a reality when it was being practiced in every home in Mudeenah. Pakistan will come into being only when every one of us will organise our Peoples’ Jumeeyah in the localities where we live.
    We all need to come out of our homes at our free time and organise to meet each other in our localities every now and then. Create a Jumeeyah of the people by the people for the people exactly as the Almighty wanted us to do.
    Through our Jumeeyah we all shall have a way to participate in those matters that affect our lives and our destiny. It is we who make our life heaven or hell. Our life is hell bcause we do not come togethher to bring improvement in our conditions.
    So the choice is ours . Do we want to bring improvement in our lives? If we do then we have to organise our Peoples’ Jumeeyah in every nook and corner of our country.
    One very important thing we need to do. We all, each and everyone must rid ourselves of Satan’s temptation. It is ” I am better person than you attitude”. Boastful people are in Satan’s obedience, thus not Muslims. Ridding ourselves of arrogance will help us coming together easier. We all need to decide. Do we want to bring a change ourselves or do we want to leave our lands, our destiny in the hands of thieves and robbers as usual. We all should ask this question to ourselves. When are we going to wake up and organise to work to bring improvement in our lives ourselves? When?

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