Solution to our problem: Use AI to select our head of government

CHITRAL: Political instability is brewing in Pakistan as usual. Soon there will be no confidence motions, protests, long marches, dharmas, boycotts, defections and all sort of stuff with the sole result of instability in the country and essentially continuation of “more of the same” phenomenon..

The world has progressed tremendously in the recent years in the field of technology and artificial intelligence. Everything has improved except our old rotten political system. When we have accepted and adopted all other changes in our lives, why can’t we look at the process of forming a government using technology and artificial intelligence.

“To applaud a politician for giving you a school, a water project or a dispensary using public money is the same as applauding an ATM machine for giving you money” … Robert Mugabe

The head of government along with ministers and MPs should be selected through scientific tests with the help of artificial intelligence. We shall then have intelligent and capable people instead of hay stacks that now populate the parliament and elected positions. In the present system our future is at the mercy of those who are at loggerheads with each other more than anything else, and those whos say “we will topple the govt with a kick” and those who say “I will be more dangerous on the streets”. Is this what our destiny should be? Why can’t we think out of the box instead of continuing as ‘lakeer ka faqeer’.. CN report, 10 Feb 2022

One thought on “Solution to our problem: Use AI to select our head of government

  1. The solution to all the problems the people at large create for themselves and suffer, is in their own hands. When the Almighty commanded people to obey Him and His Prophet (saw), it is the people who disobeyed the Almighty thus brought troubles upon themselves.
    When the Almighty commanded people to organise their union of the people, by the people, for the people i.e. Peoples’ Jumeeyah & Shoorah, people rejected it. So if people do not come out to join hands with each other to unite and then work for their benefit how shall people see any welcome change. How?

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