Social Pressure: Drug peddler vows to quit ‘business’

Chitral: A well known drug peddler of Chitral town Anis uddin , who is also an activist of a prominent political party, has sworn that he would quit peddling drugs and would never revert to this ignominious business again. He took this oath in the mosque in front of prayer goers.

The person was persuaded by a Jirga composed of elders of the area who counselled him and brought him to terms with ‘good living’ after police could not do so, since many decades due to his political standing. The person who had encroached upon the plot of a widow where he was selling his stuff behind the garb of a flower nursery also agreed to vacate the land and hand it over to the lady within a month. Members of the Jirga included?Muhammad Idrees, Hayat Khan, Zafar Hayat Advocate, Molana Saleem, Molana Rafiullah,? Sub (r) QamarUddin, Salamat Shah and Molana Habibullah. .. Muhkam Uddin, 10 June 2018

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