Social Media and Coronavirus; the Mighty Equalizers

CHITRAL: There has proven to be a distinct similarity between the current coronavirus and the equally viral social media. Both have proved great equilisers. Before the advent of the social medial the traditional media tools comprising of newspapers or television channels were easily controlled by powerful people. The world was fed what a few media moguls wanted. Politics was influenced as were customs and culture, by the ready made stuff dosed out to the people for consumption.

The use of media in defining politics had become very effective. An example to prove so can be given about politics in Pakistan. When Gen Ziaul Haq imposed martial law and later hanged ZA Bhutto, he digested it because he could control the existing media of the time. Ex Pm Nawaz Sharif rose to power through the help of the media which was under his fist because of his wealth. It was only when social media entered that the scene changed completely and he was briskly cut down to size by the virus (social media).

As a sabre toothed tiger, the social media is in no one’s control. It has opened the avenue and given a platform to each and every one to air their views. Now, not only governance, but the even politics has become difficult because of it. No administrator or politician, who has to deal with the public is spared by the social media virus, just as no country big or small, rich or poor, powerful or weak has been spared by the coronavirus. What the social media and the COVID-19 have in common is that they are both equalizers sent by God to stabilize a fractious world rearing to fling off at a tangent. .. CN report, 14 Apr 2020

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