Six day working week to be back again

Do you often take Fridays off to make it a long weekend? Well, it is a sorry?because you might not have the opportunity to do it anymore.

On Wednesday, the Federal government has announced that Saturday will no longer be a a weekly day off in the Federal departments across the country.

The two holidays proposal was implemented by the ex-government in order to address the energy crisis faced by the country as a last resort. However, under the current government, the electricity situation?has significantly improved which is why previous ways are being restored.

According to reports conducted, two holidays in a week have affected the performance and efficiency of the Federal departments hence it is decided that there will be only one holiday in a week i.e. on Sunday.

The sources claim that the Prime Minister will be updated on the proposal by the Interior Minister. It is very likely that the summary presented to the PM Nawaz will be accepted, reported the same sources. — source: ?

One thought on “Six day working week to be back again

  1. If PM implement previous schedule of 6 working days it will be his great service to the people of Pakistan. Due these two holidays on weekly basis people of Pakistan suffered too much and Saturday must be working day at any cost. We appreciate PM step and it will improve quality of service in the country. PM good work.

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