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Chitral — “Pakistan is going down hill” -every one is saying so, but hardly any one comes up with any solution to arrest the downslide. Elections after elections see faces changing in rotation, but the system remains same. The disease is not cured. Only painkillers are given from time to time, and the country is left to bleed internally.

There is no problem in this world which does not have a solution, provided we are sincere with solving the problem. Because the disease in Pakistan is severe and deep rooted, it needs serious and severe solution.
Some immediate reforms that can be taken to stop the downslide of the country are listed below.

1. All people who enter politics or are government employees of all departments included armed forces must be restricted to get their medical treatment in govt hospitals, and their children must study in government schools. Strict check on foreign treatment and foreign education must be implemented for at least 20 years.

2. Nobody in Pakistan must be allowed to own a passenger car above 1600 cc, and nobody be allowed to build a house in cities on more than 800 sq yds. A house and a car are two most visible symbols of status display and 80 percent corruption is done mostly for meeting these two show off items.

3. All Govt officials from President, PM Army chief etc down must use only Pakistan built vehicles and live in modest houses. (security can be provided there too)

4. No person must be allowed to perform more than one Haj and one Umra)

5. All criminal cases in courts must be disposed off within three weeks and punishments like hanging be executed in public places to serve as a deterrent to other potential criminals.

Strict, it may seem, but then we have to sacrifice a bit of ‘human rights’ to achieve difficult goals. If China could restrict it’s citizens to one child per family, which is perhaps the biggest sacrifice a human being can offer, why can’t we bear petty restrictions.

If the above reforms are implemented in letter and spirit, Pakistan will leap from a crippled country to a progressive and stable country within no time. Living example is of some south east Asian countries who have gone from zero to hero in no time with practical reforms by sincere leaders

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