Shandur has always remained a part of Chitral, Political leaders

CHITRAL: An extraordinary meeting followed by a press conference by leaders of all the political parties in Chitral have taken strong exception to Shandur top and valley being shown as part of the proposed Handarab National park of Gilgit Baltistan Province. The leaders who spoke included Shahzada Sikander ul Mulk PTI,  Abdul Wali Khan Advocate PMLN, Molana Jamshed Ahmed JI, Qazi Naseem JUI Muhamnad Hakim Advocate, PPP, M.I. Khan Sarhadi Adv ANP, Waqas Ahmed Adv, Alam Zeb Adv, Zulfi Hunar Shah and Yousuf Shahzad.

The speakers said it was a conspiracy to include Shandur in GB as the later claimed by India as disputed territory, whereas Chitral is a settled are of Pakistan. The speakers showed documentary evidence of Shandur being a part of Chitral for more than 200 years. The speakers lamented that the provincial government did not do it’s homework properly to show the relevant documents when the area was tagged to the Handarap park which is 40 Km away from Shandur, they said.

The speakers said till the resolution of the Kashmir issue, the region of GB would remain disputed  according to India and it wanted to include territories of KP in GB to make them disputed too, adversely affect the CPEC plan and pitch the people of the two regions against each other.

Speakers warned the government to correct the error in a fresh notification, otherwise resentment on this account amongst the Chitrali people may take an ugly turn.  .. BH Azad, 11 July 2020


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