‘Shalima’ the new trend in Pakistan weddings

CHITRAL: Fed up of attending multiple functions of the same wedding? Dholki, Mayiun, Mehndi, then Rukhsati and then Walima. Making new clothes and jewelry for each function and dedicating days and nights for all these functions in a row.! All this may be simplified now as the new trend of combining marriage functions is gaining popularity with the elite.

‘Shalima’ functions include a single reception co-hosted by the bride and the groom, which not only reduces the financial burden on both parties but more importantly it is a big relief for the attendees who have to attend only one function, make one pair of clothes , one set of jewelry, visit beauty parlor once, and dedicate one day only for the occasion.

The trend of having a simple Nikah ceremony at home with few relatives in attendance, or even have the Nikah solemnized in a mosque is picking up. With the new trend setting in and adopted by higher strata of the society will sure bring relief to the middle and low income section of society. The wedding industry which is a big market in Pakistan is opposing the trend tooth and nail as their earnings would be curtailed by introduction of simplicity and practicability in wedding functions. .. CN report, 30 Dec 2019

3 thoughts on “‘Shalima’ the new trend in Pakistan weddings

  1. This is a welcome change in the cultural trend concerning marriage functions. Trends are set by the affluent and influential who are the opinion makers and leaders of the middle class. When the rich hold multiple functions on a marriage, it becomes an obligation for the lower class who struggle to follow them. In the bargain they spend beyond their means, get indebted and later resort to unfair means to clear their debts. If the rich and influential set examples of simplicity, it will benefit the middle and lower middle class most, as they will also be following steps of those who can afford to be opulent but chose to be simple. The rich may have their extra amount of fun, frolic and entertainment but they should have it separately and not attach it as an integral part of wedding rituals and formalities, because then the lower class is under societal pressure to follow suit.

  2. Really liked this step. this is also in teaching of Islam to keep minimum level of expenses on wedding ceremonies. beside this awareness should be among the mass. preachers, teachers, notables and other influnccial people of the community should play a role in educating the low classes people from following the upper class people.

  3. Should be encouraged. Many youngsters lose their youth from the horror of negative, useless and non-social yoke of customs.

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