Serene Air: Pakistan’s new airline about to launch

Pakistani flyers will soon get Serene Air as an added option for domestic flights as the company is hoping to start its domestic air flight operations in the country very soon, we have checked.

While there’s no confirmed date for the launch announced yet, the company is actively perusing a suitable time for the commencement of operations in Pakistan, initially with domestic flights and then later on with international flight operations as well.

Sources suggest that Serene Air is going to operate with at least three B737-800 (NG) aircraft initially, for which a RPT (Regular Public Transport) license for domestic operations has been granted by Civil Aviation Authority already.

Industry sources revealed that company is aiming to increase its fleet with at least five aircraft with-in first two years of operations with first international flight within that time period as well.

It maybe added here that new airlines must complete two years of domestic flight operations before launching international flights.

Airline has already obtained its newest B737s from Boeing. — Source

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