Sensible suggestions for pulling Pakistan out of the morass

.. by Naeem Sadiq

Pakistan has not run out of dollars. It has run out of ideas, imagination, consensus and common sense. Limitless options and opportunities await Pakistan to rise from its deep slumber. Numerous immediate measures could be listed to save energy and stop imports that we can live without. Import of fuel — which makes the biggest chunk of imports — can be significantly reduced by numerous fuel-saving measures. Withdraw all 150,000 government vehicles from every government official. Retain only about 5% of these cars in central car pools in each department — to be used only when specifically requisitioned for a specific official task. If the entire civilised world can follow this principle, why not a nation on the brink of default! Completely eliminate all fuel entitlements — ranging between 60 and 600 liters per month — for all federal and provincial ministers, parliamentarians, judges and civil and military officials. .. Read full article from Source

One thought on “Sensible suggestions for pulling Pakistan out of the morass

  1. Very realistic ! I have already written on these measres in Chitralnews and
    We can make it actual and stabilize the economy by simple measures but where to find the HONEST TEAM for it. The society has got rotten.

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