Senate elections of Pakistan highlights bitter realities

Chitral : The just concluded elections to the Senate of Pakistan, has revealed some extremely bitter realities about the character of our society and the failure of our political system. Members of the Assemblies from all the four provinces are tainted with the suspicion of selling their votes for money disregarding the party instructions on whom to vote for. This whole process of Senate elections has highlighted two things:

1.? As a nation we are very low on strength of morality specially when it comes to resist the temptation of going for illicit money.
2.? Our Democratic system is badly flawed offering opportunities to corrupt elements to use money and buy the democratic mandate.

The first malaise of moral degradation could be best addressed by engaging the clergy to constantly and emphatically sermon the importance of moral values particularly with respect to Rizq e Haram (acquiring illicit money). There is no better or more effective way to better the moral standards of people than religious prayer leaders warning them of the punishment in afterlife for financial corruption.

Solution to the second malaise i.e the weakness of the democratic system lies in changing the whole system into ‘Meritocracy‘ where there will be no need to vote or buy/sell votes. Only Merit will determine who becomes your representative and your ruler. In such a case we shall see an entire new set of people and witness deliverance each day, instead of the same old busted up faces personifying corruption and a reverse gear travel for Pakistan. .. CN Editorial, 05 Mar 2018
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2 thoughts on “Senate elections of Pakistan highlights bitter realities

  1. Democracy is gaining strength in Pakistan. During last Senate elections the price of an MPA’s vote was three crores. This time it has strengthened to five crores. 🙂

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