Selection of site for Chitral University

The disputed site for the above University has vexed many brains and it is in fact the result of the poor performance of the provincial government. The Public reps have also taken it up and want to move it from site to site. The bad thing is that Chitral has got no ideal wide plain land for such an institution. The one advocated by one group is quite insufficient for this purpose. The present  building can also be extended by one good bridge over Lotkuh river and the lands on the left bank of the river could be purchased for the purpose. It is plain and understandable but many have their reservations on this point. But the University has to be built and a VC has to be appointed to run this great project.

As far as my wits work the ideal site for this University is KAGH LASHT  where there is 10 thousand acres of land is available and water supply is not any problem in this age of sophisticated technology. The land is free of cost. It will turn a desert into a seat of learning and a city will come into being but the provincial government must allocate handsome  funds on ADP basis if she is really interested in this great work but my 6th sense blinks that the govt. is not sincere in this work  and it only wants to dandle Chitralis by paper projects  as it has already said that Chitralis are not one of us but a different identity.  .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral, 28 Dec 2020

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