Scientists make discovery that could change the world

Scientists ‘have achieved quantum supremacy’, in a discovery that could change the world.

Scientists claim to have achieved ?quantum?supremacy?, a breakthrough that could change the course of computing history.

Google researchers say they have broken through the milestone, meaning that a?quantum computer?has undertaken an operation that classical computers cannot.

Quantum supremacy marks the first step in a field that researchers claim could go on to change the world. Quantum computers are theoretically capable of doing work much quicker than the computers we use today.

IBM researchers have already criticised Google?s claims of a breakthrough, suggesting that the new discovery is not as profound as promised. But the new research has finally been published in the journal?Nature, and lays out the workings of the long-rumoured breakthrough.

The Google researchers state in the paper that their computer, known as Sycamore, is able to conduct a task in 200 seconds that would take around 10,000 years on a traditional system. .. Read complete story from Source

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