Saudi spearheaded ‘moderation’ has effect in Islamic countries

CHITRAL: The sooner Saudi Arabia relaxed on the strictly conservative and tunneled narrative of Islamic teachings, it’s effect has spread like wild fire in the muslim world. The UAE a sister country of Saudia has relaxed it’s  policies to the extent of allowing use of alcohol and co-living of unmarried couples. This all is to attract tourists and compete with other liberal Islamic countries like Turkey and Malaysia. in the field of tourism.

Even in poor countries like Pakistan where Saudi funded ‘Islamism’ closely monitored the freedom of  individuals since decades, has waned down due to lack of funding to the hardliners from the mother source. An example is of the change seen in the two Chitrals, the outlandish districts of Pakistan where religious elements till date hold the sway whether in social matters or political affairs.

The recent visit of girls football teams from Chitral to Islamabad and Chitral girls playing ice hockey in Hunza could not even be imagined a decade ago. Something has definitely happened in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia has had a change of heart and its  ramifications have beamed out to the muslim countries, for the good or bad, is any one’s own appreciation of the situation. .. CN report, 29 Jan 2021

One thought on “Saudi spearheaded ‘moderation’ has effect in Islamic countries

  1. When Chitrali girls were playing football wearing short in Islamabad. Shah Farman, the governor of KPK, was a issuing farman about the strict dress code of KPK universities where a strict dress code that bans jeans, T-shirts and heavy makeup for women and long hair, earrings and tight jeans for men. Female students are banned from wearing tights, jeans and T-shirts, sleeveless shirts and short shirts with jeans or tights, as well as heavy makeup and jewelry, and carrying heavy handbags. The farman also has guidelines on the color of dupattas and abayas to be worn.
    Dupatta is a length of cloth worn arranged in folds over the chest and thrown back around the shoulders, mostly with salwar kameez, and black. Abaya is a loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress. Probably Chitral is not in KPK now!

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