Saudi Ramadan restrictions upsets many Muslims

New guidelines include prohibitions on the use of loudspeakers, prayer broadcasts and iftar in mosques.

The Saudi Islamic Affairs Ministry recently announced new rules for Ramadan that have upset many Muslims worldwide. According to analyst Sami Hamdi, these changes represent a move towards a new Saudi identity that doesn’t prioritise Islam as a major pillar. Hamdi expressed this opinion on Twitter, stating that “MBS is pushing Islam out of public life”.

The Islamic Ministry issued a set of regulations and restrictions for observing the holy month of Ramadan in 2023. These guidelines include prohibitions on the use of loudspeakers, i’tikaf without identification, prayer broadcasts, and iftar in mosques.  .. Read full story from source

3 thoughts on “Saudi Ramadan restrictions upsets many Muslims

  1. DUBAI (
    Published: 10 October 2007
    A Turkish fatwa sanctioning Muslims should pray three times instead of five a day stirred controversy among Egyptian religious circles, with an Islamic thinker considering it “a modern necessity”, but others dismissed it at face value.

    “Merging prayers has become a modern necessity. In most cases, people do not always perform the five prayers on time due to the pressures of modern life,” Islamic thinker Gamal Al-Banna told

  2. I believe Prince Salman is a visionary Muslim Leader. He introduced vision 2030 to promote Saudi Arabia to shift the economy of the country from oil to another sectors by diversification. Loudspeakers became haram in Islam when it has been introduced, however, with the passage of time it has been used unnecessary not only in mosques but also everywhere. It is a voice pollution, I believe, Prince Salman’s vision is to develop his country without industry pollution, voice pollution and air pollution. I believe Islam is a religion of peace and simplicity. He doesn’t use religion as tool to get power like our political leaders in Pakistan. The leaders in Pakistan’s actions are worse than evil, but they try to be more pure Muslim build Riasat Madina. We have no vision, and we only believe on dirty stuff and do not understand a visionary Muslim Leader like Prince Salman.

  3. The worst thing that has been enforced upon the Ulamah and the Ummah of Saudi Arabia and many Arabic speaking people living around Arabia is the Ummulqurah Calendar since the last few decades. It has been made in rejection of the way shown by the holy Prophet(s.a.w.) i.e. to go out to search for the Crescent before determinig the advent of new Hijree month. Anyone and everyone who will go out to search for the Cescent in Arabia and compare over a few months, what they see in the sky there, with what they hear from Riyadh will see the Truth. What people hear from Riyadh is the fiction from this Calendar.
    For example last year when all the Muslims living from Fiji in the east to the west coast of Africa celebrated Eiduladha on Sunday July 10, 2022 based upon sighting of the crescent in the sky, all the Arabic speaking people except the Moroccans, celebrated fictitious Eid a day earlier. The Moroccans and the Omanis abide by the Sunnah of the holy Prophet(s.a.w.). The Omanis do so for 11 months only as it appears.
    This year i.e. 2023 even higher number of Muslims living from Fiji to the west coast of South America are expected to celebrate true Edulfitr on Saturday April 22. One should look out for the news, if the majority of Arabic speaking people are compelled by their Malook to feast on the last day of Rumadan as they usualy do.
    The news is that the use of this Calendar is a curse for the Saudi Ulamah and majority of Saudi Princes. Horde upon hordes of people having origins in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan living in the west are seen to be coming out to disobey Allah by obeying the fictin of this calendar. There is no shortage of websites that guide Muslims to the Truth. One of these is prominent and guiding those who want to be guided to the Truth since the last three decades. Majority of mosques in the U.K. and North America have been established by people having origin in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan. The minority of them do reject this fiction.

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