Saudi Arabia bans Umrah, Hajj, Travel from Pakistan for now

.. by Raza Rizvi

Following the spread of the deadly coronavirus to other Asian countries, Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended religious visits to the country. It has also banned travelers from the virus-hit countries, including Pakistan. The development has come just a day after two coronavirus cases were confirmed in Pakistan.

The ban equally applies to travelers heading to KSA for Umrah or on a visit visa. If the situation persists, the Hajj this year could be severely affected, an official statement said.

As per details, the Saudi authorities have directed all airlines to inform passengers of the development and await further orders. In a statement on Thursday, the Saudi foreign office said:The government is suspending entry to the Kingdom for the purpose of Umrah and visiting the Prophet?s Mosque temporarily.

It said that the country is also suspending entry for tourists from the affected countries.

The new travel ban will hurt Saudi Arabia?s tourism sector as every month, tens of thousands of Umrah pilgrims from Muslim countries travel to the Kingdom. However, the move will help prevent the virus from spreading to Saudi Arabia.

As per Arab News, Saudi nationals and citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council nations will not be allowed to travel to and from the country for the time being. However, Saudi nationals returning from such states, or GCC citizens returning to their countries will be granted an exemption. But, once they leave, they will not be able to return to Saudi Arabia until further orders.

The novel coronavirus has already killed over 2,800 people, and has spread to 50 countries, including Iran and Pakistan. Iran is the second country after China with the highest death toll. So far, more than 20 people have died due to this pandemic in Iran. .. CN report, 27 Feb 2020? ?.. Source

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  1. Muslims who can afford financially to do multiple Haj and Umra, should voluntarily restrict themselves to one Haj and one Umra in a life time. For continuous desire of doing Haj and Umra, they can donate the money to someone who is extremely pious and desirous of doing Haj but cannot afford it. This way they will reap more sawab then doing the repeat Haj themselves.

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