Sardar Ali-An obituary

.. by Islamuddin

Sardar Ali Sardar Aman is no more. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.
CHITRAL: Sardar Ali leaves behind a rich legacy of public service which he delivered at the level of excellence. He was a self made man who traveled to Bombay for education as the same was not available in Chitral. In Bombay he completed his education while doing part time job.

Back in Pakistan he passed the prestigious civil service exam and was allocated to Postal Service. I had the privilege of knowing me as neighbor in Islamabad and a fellow Chitrali civil servant. I was inspired by his burning desire to do something good for fellow Chitralis. He helped many to join postal service at great risk to himself and his position. One such complaint went up the Prime Minister in which he had been accused to brining in too many Chitralis into postal service but was exonerated of the charge as all the recruitments had been done on merit and after due process. He was even commended for taking affirmative action to help out the youth of the most neglected area into the mainstream and increasing their stake in the system.

His failure to get elected in an election that he fought only once did not lead to his losing faith in his people as he always believed in the goodness of his people, only blaming the role of big money in vote buying that he attributed for his defeat.

In his long and illustrious career nobody could fault him and all his action were above board. He was simple and a thorough gentleman who respected everyone Simplicity and connection with the poor of his native Chitral were the hallmarks of his personality. It is a measure of his honesty that at the time of his retirement he only had one house and no bank balance despite having served in most lucrative positions. It was because of such people at the helm after partition that Pakistan survived and belied the prophets of doomsday. As a scion of a family made famous because of their selfless community service he has left behind a proud legacy of excellence in service not only in the government but also in his community which are worthy to be emulated.

The best tribute we should pay to him would be honest public service, keep welfare of the poor closer to our hearts and uphold the best ideals of community service. With his death a glorious chapter in our public service chapter has come to an end. .. Islamuddin, Garm Chashma Chitral, 01 Jan 2024

5 thoughts on “Sardar Ali-An obituary

  1. This is a heartfelt tribute to an illustrious individual who has left behind a legacy characterized by honesty, transparency, and a commitment to leveraging his position as a civil servant to aid the less fortunate. May God bless his soul with the highest of heavens for all eternity and grant strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss. Amen.

  2. May Almighty Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace and enable his family to bear the loss with courage and fortitude.

    Our Heartfelt Condolences and Prayers

  3. He was a noble soul and lived a quite life in booni and commanded respect and love from everyone.The fact that many post offices in Pakistan are staffed by Chitralis is ample proof of his commitment to improve the life of Chitralis. – May his soul rest in peace

  4. The heights by great men reached and maintained were not attained overnight nor by sudden flight, but they were toiling hard in the night while their companies slept.
    This beautiful saying comes true when applied to Sardar Ali Sardar Aman former PMG Booni Chitral.
    His sad demise was a great and irreparable loss for family, relatives and Chitrali nation too. It will take long time to fill the gap, because such great personality born once in centuries.
    No doubt he was a God gifted beautiful mind and a great hero of Chitral. He had been an efficient, committed, honest and well reputed CSS officer in Pakistan throughout his career. He succeeded to make Post Office one of the profitable institutions in Pakistan. His sincere and unforgettable services for Pakistan in general and for Chitral in particular will be remembered for a long time. He facilitated Chitrali youths in getting higher education by providing them job opportunities in post offices throughout Pakistan.
    Today many of them are serving in key positions in Pakistan. He has been a great source of inspiration for young Chitrali officers.
    Hardworking, perseverance, commitment, honesty, service for people and love for humanity were the dominant factors/qualities in his personality, which made him different from others. He earned good name for family and for Chitral too as a well reputed CSS Officer.
    May Allah grant him highest place in Janat e Firdaus.

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