‘Sanna Makki’ herb price jumps ten fold as a touted Covid antidote

CHITRAL: The Covid fame herb ‘Sanna Makki’ has catapulted in popularity and price both, because of it being touted as an anti-dote for the Covid-19 virus. The little known herb originally a native of Mecca valley Saudi Arabia was first introduced in the Corona virus environment, by a PhD doctor in England who made tall claims of its curative properties. The claim was at first not taken seriously, However when the Governor of Sindh who recovered from the virus swore on it’s efficacy, the herb became an immediate favourite. A herbalist (pansari) in Islamabad told this scribe that they were selling the herb @ Rs 200 per kg before it’s jump to fame and now we are selling it at Rs 2000 per Kg.  A contributory factor for the acceptance and popularity of the herb is derived from a Hadith quoting our Holy Prophet (PBUH) as advising to use the herb for cure of illnesses. .. CN report, 08 June 2020


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