Salutes to the armed forces of Pakistan

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed news and views site, I would like to salute the armed forces of Pakistan here- not for the traditional ‘guarding the frontiers’ role, but for a very special service they have rendered of late. This was the state funeral given to a person extraordinaire, the mother Teresa of Pakistan, the saint of humanity Dr Ruth Pfau, conducted by the army and attended by all the three service chiefs. This has affirmed our faith in humanity and raised our head high in the comity of nations and the civilised world. Earlier a similar gesture from the armed forces was displayed when the army conducted funeral service of the great hero of Pakistan Abdul Sattar Eidhi whom the clerics had blatantly disowned. If the army had not taken up the responsibility of doing the needful, these two heroes of humanity would have gone unsung courtesy our religious clerics. Long live the armed forces of Pakistan. May they rise above petty considerations and continue giving due respect to humanity .. From Abdullah, Chitral 21 Aug 2017.


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  1. We are proud of our army as a whole, but I am personally skeptic about the performance of some generals in the past.

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