Rs 275 billion for GB, not even peanuts for Chitral

CHITRAL: The Prime minister and Chief of Army Staff were scheduled to visit Gilgit on 05 April, but could not make it due to inclement weather. As per announcement an uplift package of Rs 275 billion was to be announced by the Prime minister for Gilgit Baltistan.

No doubt GB province is a special area and has a significant nuisance value in that. It is because of this status that the  Pakistan government has always been generous and munificent towards it. However when you compare it with Chitral district(s) the latter seems to be child of a lesser god in the eyes of the government. It’s development projects remain ignored and the voice of it’s members in the parliament is taken lightly and non seriously. The Lowari tunnel project hangs on in an incomplete form since so many years and whatever is there is also made inconvenient to the people to use. Could this be even imagined in GB?

The fact of the matter is that Chitral has had no importance in the eyes of any government and has always been taken lightly. The 107 MW powerplant located in Chitral gives no special benefit to Chitralis. The electricity price is as in Islamabad or Lahore, while the electricity price in Gilgit is a fraction of it. The people of Chitral are not as aggressive and demanding as those of GB and have no nuisance value. Probably the price we pay is of this. .. CN report, 06 Apr 2021

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