Root cause of our problems

Currently, Pakistan is at the cross-road of its history. Beset with numerous crises of huge proportions the country seems to be bogged down in a quagmire. The leadership is on a catch-22 position as to how steer out of this troublesome situation triumphantly. Every possible effort is put in to put the house in order but to no avail. The question arises that what are those factors that have brought us to this sorry pass.

Obviously those at the helm of affairs are not that much serious about the root cause of the problems and seek a durable solution beneficial for the entire nation in the long run.

Unless and until the root cause of the current situation in our country is not identified for good the problem can not be solved with mere lip-services of the powers that be. So far as my knowledge goes there are core problems in Pakistan at this point that are threatening the social, political and economic fabric of the country.

This is no overstatement that corruption has plagued it beyond repair. The institutions are infested with corrupt officials in most cases; and the accountability system to bring to book the culprits has met a failure in the known history of Pakistan due to lack of transparency. The bad effect of corruption in Pakistan has affected all departments of the government but the irreversible damage to education system is conspicuous. The mal practices in the education system that we see in the present times need to be paid much heed to so that the entire nation can be properly educated to fight this menace on their own.

The judicial system till recent times has remained almost dysfunctional legitimizing the extra constitutional actions the military dictators. This in turn has provided the military dictators to unleash victimization in order to perpetuate their illegal rule. Many a corrupt functionaries in the government machinery sought protection under their umbrella while a number of them were subjected to political victimization for their bold resistance to the military rule. We hope that the re instated Chief Justice take up the assignment with a renewed vigor to purge this important institution of corruption.

The distribution of wealth is totally unfair in the country.. The deserved are not given their due share leading ultimately to social injustice. Capitalistic mind-set should be done away with by introducing the Islamic system of equity and fair play. This is very important given the rising wave of militancy in the country. The viable solution lies in the the prevalence of social and economic justice to defeat the menace. Unfortunately, short term strategies are preferred to long term strategies fetching us little success in overcoming the crises. No one care about individual responsibility to contribute in the progress and prosperity of the country.

This is high time that our leadership rose to the occasion and addressed the root cause of the problems that Pakistan confronts at present keeping long term strategies in mind.

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