Rise of corruption due to misinterpretation of religious teachings

CHITRAL: The ever rising trend of financial corruption in Pakistan is a cause of worry for many, although no body has been able to detect the root cause of this phenomenon. Some consider the laxity of laws and absence of punishment for corruption, some consider it an example set by the leaders or elders of the society, while some consider it a normal phenomenon and assume it to be prevalent everywhere in the world,

The matter of fact, however, is that the insensitivity to financial corruption in the society is mainly due our religious preachers, who keep harping day in and day out , on modes and means to get sins forgiven and dissolved.

Giving quick fixes to redeem sins or enter paradise with the help of some rituals or recitation of some verses from the Quran or Ahadees, regardless of one’s every day behaviour, is the main cause why Muslims do not abstain from committing sins, in particular financial sins, like adulteration, forgery, bribery, hypocrisy, telling lies etc.

Religious preachers should flip their preaching and tell muslims that no corruption, particularly financial corruption shall be forgiven by Allah no matter how much one prays or offers rituals, as Allah Almighty has clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran that no sins against humanity  (Huqooq ul Ibaad) shall be forgiven by HIm, in lieu of any kind of ibadaat.

If only the above narrative is incorporated in the daily preachings of Muslims, there will be a dramatic decrease in the acts of financial corruption, which have thus far become a norm in our society, and a hallmark of Pakistani muslims. .. CN report, 20 Apr 2021

One thought on “Rise of corruption due to misinterpretation of religious teachings

  1. People at large suffer maladministration, corruption etc. all due to their own carefree and reckless attitude.
    Just too many people friendly, philosophers, thinkers intellectuals have come and gone, advising people to do what people everywhere in the world fail to do thus suffer.
    All the intellectuals advised people to become responsible citizens and thus to organise Peoples’ Union in every locality of their country. Organise themselves to take interest in those matters that affect their lives and destiny thus avoid corruption and maladministration.
    Are there Muslims to be found anywhere? No. The proof is that there are not many Muslims in our world. Muslims obey the Almighty (Allah in Arabic) only thus do not follow anyone. Muslims are those who have very pleasing and heart warming habits that whosoever comes across a Muslim is influenced to become a Muslim.
    The Almighty commanded Muslims to organise their Peoples’ Union i.e. Jumeeyah in every nook and corner of their country. How many Jumeeyah do we see anywhere today? Not any possibly. This is a vivid proof that Muslims are scarce. Absence of Peoples’ Jumeeyah in every locality, every Qusbah is proof of absence of those who obey the Almighty. People who do not obey the Almighty are NOT Muslims. Full stop. The responsibility to make or break a country rests squarely on the shoulders of people at large.
    People want leadership? what leadership? Do people need to be told to speak truth by a leader all the time? Do people need to be told to be honest all the time? Do people need to be told to practice Udl wul Ehsaan by a leader?
    The leadership is there. It has been there since the last 1400 years and even before that time. The problem is that the followers are scarce. The problem is that Muslims are scarce among the millions claiming to be Muslims. The fakery to claim to be Jew, Christian, Muslim or anything else without being one, is a universal malady. Just too many people in the world claim to be what they are not. Thus we see just too many people claiming to be Muslims without proving it by their deeds. When people at large shall become Muslims and thus organise themselves to be able to eradicate all vices themselves through their unity i.e. Jumeeyah, they will see things changing for them absolutely certainly. The ball is in peoples’ court. When they will organise themselves and work for their own common good, they will see the result that will be “good nothing but good”. Blaming others and not searching their own soul is the biggest problem with the people. Correct this sinner where he goes wrong.

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