A revolution called ‘Media’- the game changer of today

Chitral .. In the last one decade, nothing has had a more profound influence on the lives of people, than the media, particularly the social media which has stormed and taken over our lives in just a few years time. The multitude of ‘free for all’ TV channels the unbridled facebook, the creepy crispy twitter and the ever easy ways to access them have become a compulsory part of our lives.

Those who have gained most out of this ‘revolution’ are the people who hitherto had no voice but now can blabber on the social media left right and center whole day venting their feelings at times without even considering ethics or etiquette. Most affected are the politicians who cannot get away with rubbish now as was possible in the past, but now hungry and angry people are hunting for their weaknesses on the social media all the time and they have to be on their toes.

As a double edged knife, where media has opened the floodgate of information to all and sundry, the most crucial aspect it has left for us to consider is that this potent tool has opened potential doors for negative influence on the minds of the unsuspecting users.

The government needs to be very careful, as enemies of the state may slowly and gradually poison the minds of the youth against the state, it’s values and it’s strengths in a sugar coated and palatable manner. The state needs to establish a think tank of experts to deal with such possibilities. In Pakistan unfortunately we keep sleeping and wake up to eventualities when we are already under the water and barely struggling for survival becomes the only priority. .. CN Editorial, 10 Oct 2017


2 thoughts on “A revolution called ‘Media’- the game changer of today

  1. An excellent portrayal of the subtle and insidious influence of the media on our lives which has made it vulnerable to all kinds of abuses. In a society where morality and maturity are the rare commodity, one needs to be extra conscious while using this necessary evil as an injudicious and irresponsible use of social media may have a devastating effects on society. It is just like an unguided missile which may hit an unaimed target any time. So we must exercise extra-vigilance while using it.

  2. Media is aptly called the fourth pillar of a state. It’s mirror which reflects a true picture of society and plays a key role in drawing the attention of the concerned authorities towards the resolution of unresolved issues in society. It’s a watch dog on the doings of those at the helm of affairs. The freedom of media should not be without restrictions that pertain to issues of greater national interest.

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