Returning expats mistreated at Peshawar airport

PESHAWAR: Returning expats from the US, Canada etc via Doha were meted out rough treatment and thirty passengers were declared COVID positive en mass, in a 10 minute sleazy test, one passenger said. Passports of the passengers were taken away even before the test as if everything was planned and they were bundled in a transport and sent to a Corona rehabilitation center despite their hue and cry to get them tested again properly as they have Corona negative certificates from US and Canada carried out within 72 hours as per rules and they are fully fit. The staff was very rude and insolent an affected passengers said. One passenger exclaimed in dismay “this country has gone out of control”. and started cursing the government for grossly mistreating expats who for the love of their country visit here and send all their earnings here.
Link to the facebook post with details is given below

..  CN report, 28 Sept 2021

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