Reshun steel bridge: Important lesson can be learnt for Chitral

Newly built Reshun Steel bridge
Newly built Reshun Steel bridge

CHITRAL: Only few days after the RCC bridge at Reshun was washed away by a torrential flood, a new steel bridge has been installed there which serves exactly the same purpose as the washed away RCC bridge was serving. The few days delay has been due to sanctioning and transporting the steel bridge, otherwise the erection has taken only three days. On the other hand if an RCC bridge was to be rebuilt there it would have taken not months but years. There is a big lesson to be learnt here.

In a terrain like Chitral all new bridges should be of steel, which would be more sturdy, yielding to flood pressure and reusable if damaged. It would also take days to build one instead of years for the RCC bridge.

Beside bridges all official buildings like schools, hospitals, government offices etc should be built by prefabricated technology which is now quite developed and cost effective. This will eliminate many tiers of corruption in the construction business of the government and  save billions of rupees for the exchequer.

The world is surging forward with new and efficient technology and we should adopt them instead of being stuck with centuries old inefficient methods. .. CN report, 09 Sep 2020

One thought on “Reshun steel bridge: Important lesson can be learnt for Chitral

  1. The Judicial complex in Chitral town was inaugurated by then Chief Justice in July 2011. Nine years on, It is still not even half complete and likely to keep dangling for many more years. If a multi storied pre fabricated building was set up the building would have been ready the same year and served the people for all these years at a fraction of the cost that has already been incurred on it. High time we should look for innovation in everything including our mode of thinking and abandon the ‘lakeer ka faqeer’ mindset.

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