Request to lower volume of loudspeakers in mosques

Dear Sir,
With due respect to Ulema Kiram , through your news site I request that those giving Azan in mosques or delivering Friday prayer speeches and khutbas should lower the volume of their loud speakers to a reasonable volume. In the begining Ulema opposed loudspeakers but eventually when they started using it, it was in a very gentle and controlled manner.

Now it seems there is a growing competition amongst mosques as to whose loudspeaker is the loudest. At times when two loudspeakers of nearby mosques are set at full volume the sounds clash and it is difficult to differentiate the words.

I request the Ulema Kiram to ensure that loudspeaker volumes are set to a gentle audible volume in mosques because soft and sweet Azan, Tilawat and Khutba is more impressive and effective than when the loudspeaker is set at full volume. .. Muhammad Ali, Chitral 03 Jun 2018

2 thoughts on “Request to lower volume of loudspeakers in mosques

  1. I totally agree with the views raised by the learned writer. All Muslims including me love Azaan, therefore, I personally listen Azaan 20 times a day on my cell phone. A decent volume of the loudspeaker can attract everyone’s attention. In the big cities like Karachi when hundreds of loudspeakers give Azaan together no one can make sense out of the beautiful words of Azaans because of the sound clashes.

  2. I fully agree with the request . There should be normalcy and good manners rather than using this device for creating noise pollution in congested areas. W e want it but not in that high pitch volume.

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