Replace Urdu with Arabic

We as Muslims pray five times a day in Arabic, recite the Holy Quran, celebrate our births, weddings and all important occasions even observe death rites in the Arabic language, but unfortunately 99 percent of us do not understand the head or tail of Arabic. We recite the Quranic verses in prayers by rote without understanding their meanings. I can’t comprehend as to why do we choose to perpetually continue with this fatal deficiency.

Wouldn’t it be prudent to replace Urdu with Arabic as our national language. Urdu has no significance any way you look at it, where as Arabic is inevitable for us Muslims whether we like it or not. So why not embrace it wholly and start understanding what we say in our prayers at least. We can start a ten year aggressive program of converting to Arabic by making it compulsory from class 1 right away besides comprehensive Arabic literacy courses for adults, so that after ten years we can smoothly implement it as a replacement for Urdu. Also read Arabic – ‘The Language’

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