Replace Urdu with Arabic – 4

With reference to the views of respectable writers on the subject, I thank them for the generation of a fruitful discourse on a very important but hitherto ignored issue. The writers have very aptly suggested to introduce Arabic as a national language in view of its religious, social, cultural, political and economical benefits for the nation.

Introduction of Arabic in our curriculum will renovate and reform our deteriorated society on true Islamic lines because the root cause of the degeneration of our individual paradigms and social values is our ignorance of the teachings of the Holy Quran. We have inherited Islam as a religion from our forefathers and are Muslims just by nomenclature and follow the conventions and traditions of our ancestors by default without any labor on our part to get an insight of what we practice and what we should as Muslims.

The Quran is the word of Allah revealed very plainly in the Arabic language by our creator for the guidance and salvation of entire humanity in this world and the hereafter but the pity is that we utter the verses of the holy Quran in rituals without comprehending the message of the creator as if we are articulating some unintelligible magical spells while the verses of the Quran reiterate again and again the importance of learning the divine guidance so that the universal principles of eternal success can be practiced in letter and spirit. Islam is a complete code of life and the do’s and don’ts are crystal clear in the verses of the Holy Quran.
‘And we have made the message of Quran very easy, is there anyone to learn’ sura Alqamer.

Unfortunately our diverse educational systems have separated education in terms of religious and secular against the very spirit of the Holy Quran. Religious seminaries with their centuries old syllabus, consider modern scientific education as a forbidden fruit and their graduates with inadequate knowledge and obscurantist views try to mould the society accordingly. These so-called scholars try to inculcate the idea in the minds of the public that the Holy Quran cannot be learnt without entering a madrassa ,while we, the graduates of colleges either give a fig to the teachings of the Holy Quran by leading a careless and irresponsible life or become a victim of the priesthood propagated through madrassas. These diverse and extreme views shake and destabilize our societal edifice. therefore introduction of Arabic in our curriculum from grade one up to secondary level as a compulsory subject will enable us to understand the message of our creator. This will be helpful in the creation of true Islamic society based on the universal principles of the Holy Quran apart from enhancing our social, political and economic status.

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