Remote village of Chitral only visible from an airplane

CHITRAL: There is a village in Drosh town of Lower Chitral District, which has successfully remained away from the attention of the authorities and the media.

The Goos village is situated between the mountains at a considerable height and it cannot be seen from ground – it can only be visible from a plane. Even this area is out of sight, but it can’t go out of mine once someone sees is scenic beauty and attractive landscape.

One has to cross the Drosh Gol Mountain to reach Gos village. The village has about 700 population, but there is no road, school or hospital. A non-governmental organization made an unpaved route for approaching the village few years ago. Before that, the area residents had to climb the mountain to reach there.

The local children told this scribe  that there is a ruined building of a Maktab school in the area which is in too bad shape and feel scared while going there. There is no dispensary or health center in the entire area and people carry their patients in beds to go to Drosh Hospital. In some cases, the patients die before reaching hospital because the landscape is so difficult that shifting patients to hospital is a Herculean task.

The local children brave all kinds of weather, rains, strong winds and snowfall and walk three to four hours daily to go to Darosh school. The return journey from school is even more difficult and risky as the students scale the mountain to reach their home.

The life of the women of the area is also very difficult and testing as they fetch water on their head from springs on the mountains. The local people said people come to the area to seek votes in election days, but no one is seen after the elections. They said their area is also far from the attention of the media and there is no one to highlight their problems. They told our correspondent (Gul Hamaad Farooqi)  that it might be the first time when some media representative has come to them. They said they are virtually living in the Stone Age due to no facilities. They demanded the government to provide basic facilities to them as they are also equal citizens of the country. .. Gul Hammad Farooqi, Chitral 09 Jul 2020

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  1. good info indeed.
    There is another such village in Torkho above Werkup called NUKE and there is no road, school, dispensary or any other facility for that remote alpine hamlet which cannot be seen from any other part of the region except by aeroplane.

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