Remote Chitral village produces outstanding students, politician

CHITRAL: The small remote village of Kandujaal in Garam Chashma area of lower Chitral, has had the honour of producing at least two outstanding students and a prominent politician.

Nizar Ali of Kandujaal has earned the distinction of being the first Chitrali to qualify as a lawyer in New South Wales, Australia. Similarly, Mohammad Afzal Khan, also from the same village, recently completed his Doctorate in Early Childhood Education from the University of Tasmania Australia.

Kandujaal village of Lotkuh also has the distinction of being ancestral home of Saleem Khan, a political worker who rose to become a provincial minister in the PPP government some years back.

It is pertinent to mention here that all the three persons mentioned above belong to the Ismailia community, which has benefitted tremendously from the visionary policy of H.H The Aga Khan, of promoting education in the region.  .. CN report, 22 Aug 2021

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