Reduced coughing observed during prayer congregations

CHITRAL: While attending large prayer congregations, specially during Friday prayers, one would witness coughing of sorts from the participants, specially in cold weather like it is at this time in Chitral.

However strangely enough, there was hardly any coughing observed during the Friday prayers at a large mosque today. The fear of corona virus may have been one underlying reason

Those who would cough up at the slightest tickle in the throat and immediately attract a number of sympathetic coughs from different corners of the mosque, were likely holding back their cough lest they be suspected of the virus.

This goes to prove that human beings have great capacity of holding back themselves and resisting natural urges. It also goes to prove that if a human being with determination wants, he/she can beat any or at least most viruses. .. CN report, 06 Mar 2020

One thought on “Reduced coughing observed during prayer congregations

  1. Dear editor..what a great clinical observation..yes the cough some time can be suppressed by meditation as well..but cough is protective mechanism which tries to expel out unwanted stuff in respiratory tract….now a days WHO has prescribed certain guidelines for coughing called cough etiquette..cough on your elbow…or handkerchief etc..

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