Recurring erosion and damage to roads need a permanent solution

CHITRAL: Every year the main and sub valleys that constitute the two districts of Chitral undergo flood damage and mountain/soil erosion. Life is disrupted due to these natural phenomena which are not taken seriously and every year temporary measures are taken to quick fix the problem without addressing the ever present threat in a sensible manner.

Due to climate change mountain areas are evolving from green pastures fed by glaciers to danger zones threatened by the same glaciers going awry. Govt institutions like NDMA etc only move when the damage is done. There is a need to constitute a serious scientific study to ascertain the real and long term threat and take viable preventive measures before the catastrophe happens. Just telling the people to vacate their homes when threatened, is not enough.

The govt should consider having a heavy duty cable car system throughout the valley powered by electricity from the same river that now is so destructive. Cable cars are now in vogue in mountainous European countries and have developed to be practical and efficient. It will save the persistent and repetitive expenses on repair of such roads. Likewise other ideas out of the box should be considered instead of fighting with the river and the mountains on adhoc and knee jerk basis without any scientific plan .. CN report, 09 July 2022


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