Reasons for deterioration in condition of Muslims

The reason for the constant deterioration in the condition of Muslims is not their slackness in performance of religious rituals, instead it is because of restricting Islam to religious rituals while conducting themselves pathetically and unscrupulously in daily life matters.

One thought on “Reasons for deterioration in condition of Muslims

  1. Couldn’t be truer than what has been said above. In a recent pre-Haj briefing the organizer speaking on different aspects of the procedures said during Haj we should be very careful when selecting companies to do the animal sacrifice (a compulsory requirement of Haj) on our behalf. He said many of these companies take the money but do not sacrifice the animal and send you fake message that the Qurbani has been carried out. What more can be a proof of the absolute decadence of a Muslim’s character. When Muslims can not abstain from cheating even during the grand religious ritual of Haj, what could be expected from them on normal days in daily life affairs. We should all pray to Allah Almighty to improve the character of Muslims and make them learn to respect huqooq ul Ibaad as much as huqooq ullah.

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