The real face of Democracy exposed. Time to shift over to ‘Meritocracy’

Chitral.. The current happenings in Pakistan have proved beyond doubt that Democracy is not the best system in under developed countries. Since last three days we are seeing examples of the real face of our democracy, on the Grand Trunk road of Pakistan.

The disqualified prime minister is terming his disqualification on moral grounds by the country’s supreme court as an insult to the people’s mandate. What has people’s mandate got to do with proven charges of financial dishonesty? Can any one answer?

The PM is also saying that he was dismissed by judicial orders within one minute! What rubbish. What was the sixty days JIT investigations and the full fledged defense opportunity of his case by the PM’s lawyers stretching over months. Was that one minute?

If a prime minister who has been in office three times before also, can make such an absurd and blatant statement in time of duress, then imagine what would be the mental caliber of his ministers and colleagues running the country. And as if that was not enough, the voters on GT road are seen proudly saying that they would vote for Nawaz Sharif even if he does not do anything for them. Is this the system (democracy) that we should continue to defend. Looking at these leaders and the followers who would play in the next general elections and in all probability get the ‘lion’s’ share, one cannot hope any better time for Pakistan in future.

The answer to the perpetual quagmire that we are in, is a snap switch over from Democracy to Meritocracy. Hanging on to this electoral democracy and expecting any thing better will leave us fighting with situations like the present, forever, maybe with cosmetic change of faces from time to time. We ought to realise, it is not the faces that are our enemies, it is the anti meritocratic system.?.. CN report, 12 Aug 2017


2 thoughts on “The real face of Democracy exposed. Time to shift over to ‘Meritocracy’

  1. Why don’t we understand, Democracy has outlived it’s life. We need a new social contract for the world based on the appreciation and utilization of Merit and Merit alone. Most troubles in the contemporary world are being created by the biggest champion of Democracy-the USA. North Korea, demonized by the US has not interfered in other countries affairs. Nor did Sadam Hussain or Gaddafi or Chavez. When King Faisal wanted Pan Islamic cooperation, the US eliminated him. When Bhutto expressed his desire for the same he was obliterated. The unholy intervention of US in Afghanistan has left us bleeding till now. The parents of all democracies the US and the UK are the trouble creators in this world through their intelligence agencies and vast negative resources. They do all this because democracy has given them a mandate to do so. If there was a president in America selected through the Meritocratic system as mentioned in the above report, he/she would never have indulged in foolish and disastrous campaigns, like in Iraq, Syria etc etc. The US and UK would have been much more prosperous than they are now and so would have the other countries been which they have destroyed through intervention.
    A politician has to be a Don Quixote by default as that is a basic requirement from a politician today anywhere in the world. A capable,sensible and balanced person cannot come to power through popular vote.The world direly needs sensible and capable people through whatever means they come, to control it, not political shenaniganism.

  2. Whatever you may name democracy or meritocracy, the system is run with determination and positive thinking of a nation. Unfortunately, some of our intellectuals are not even to accept the Pakistanis as a nation. They call it a crowd. For example, Mr. Hassan Nisar who was selling Dahi pakorey at the Model Town Morr, Lahore, about ten years back, today is a scholar in TV Channel and more than one time he committed humiliation of the nation calling it a “Crowd”. But to our dismay, none has objected his shameful comments in social media. One may recollect that ours are ideological, and our country came into existence in the Holy name of Almighty Allah. The bad wishers have no scope to propagate against the nation or its ideology or our country, because such so called scholars are representing a small segment of our society. As regards the system of government to be adopted in the country, please allow me to say that whatever the system may be, the domination of the Army cannot be ruled out.

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