Rapid rate of conversions threaten Kalash faith

CHITRAL: The threat has always been looming like the proverbial ‘Sword of Damocles’ on the head of the Kalash faith, due to their being in extreme minority and poverty.  Of late however, there has been a spike in the rate of conversions of the Kalash to the majority dominant religion of Islam. The increased activities of Muslim preachers in the area and the social pressure on the Kalash to change their faith has picked up pace. There are reports of Kalash to Muslim conversions from the valley’s of Bumboret and Birir involving individual girls and even a whole family.

The most effective way for the  Kalash elders to check the rate of rapid conversions is to provide incentives, particularly financial incentives to the Kalash youth to hang on to their faith. International organisations set up to protect dissipating cultures may be approached to extend incentives to the Kalash. .. CN report, 01 June 2020

One thought on “Rapid rate of conversions threaten Kalash faith

  1. The survival of the ancient Kalash religion and culture for centuries despite being surrounded by a sea of hard line muslim population is no less than a a miracle.

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