Pye dog population in Chitral bazars multiplies; Sterilization is the answer

CHITRAL: The population of stray dogs in Chtral bazars and surrounding areas has increased to the strength where the public would demand their extermination any time and one fine day, workers of the health and municipal departments will come in vans and pickups and ruthlessly throw poisoned meat to the dogs who will then suffer severe torture before taking their last excruciating huff.

CN file photo

The method of eliminating stray dogs has been in practice since long but is now being abandoned gradually in different places. The Sindh government has launched a campaign to neuter the existing batch of these ‘unwanted’ creatures so that they don’t reproduce instead of ruthlessly massacring them. We can bear with the present batch for the sake of kindness and compassion to animals.

As Chitral is a fertile laboratory for all kind of experiments by different governments, this benignant experiment can also be carried out here. Maybe the Almighty bestows His kindness on us for being kind to His helpless creatures. .. CN report, 02 June 2011

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